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Sep 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
surrounded entirely by south africa. lesotho has two significant natural resources -- diamonds -- and equally sparkling but even more precious for our planet -- water. most of lesotho's water comes from more than a dozen rivers that traverse through the country. so cross-border co-operation is key to making the most of the region's resources. a major hydroelectric power plant in the highlands covers almost all of the country's electricity needs. lesotho is now already selling water and power to south africa. and it keeps improving its water management to keep up with the growing needs of its large neighbor. >> the village of mapeleng is tucked away in the lesotho highlands. it's home to some 600 people, who live from their cattle and harvests. despite the high altitude and frequent rains, the region is fairly barren. there are few proper roads here. villagers get around by horse or donkey. nearby is one of the biggest lakes in lesotho. it wasn't always so. there used to be just a small river running through the valley. since the mid-1990s, a 185- meter-high wall was erected in
Sep 11, 2012 1:35am EDT
? >> no, it is a special ops unit out in different parts of africa which is where we have been filming from the last seven months so i have just come back. craig: from africa? see any rhinos? >> touchy subject. craig: they are endangered. >> yeah, they are. craig: that's why we have a rhino here. which is not a real rhino. sandra: you -- he saved me. >> did you? god bless. craig: thanks very much. i saved the gay robot skeleton as well. >> god bless you. craig: really? that's less of a god bless you than the rhino saving. >> well, you know. you know. craig: i understand. he can look after himself. >> what the hell, man? >> i like your suit. >> save me from myself? craig: hey so, you're out in africa? where were you filming in africa? >> mozambique, capetown. craig: that sounds like lot of fun. >> although it is hbo and cinemax, it is actually an english production. you brits and the south africans together and you have bedlam, really. it felt like that. i think i i'm suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder actually as a result of it. it is great good to be back in the america. eve
Sep 4, 2012 8:00am EDT
terrible condition, and you figure out that there's some new disease in africa, and you have the chutzpah to say i know i'm only 27, but i want to go there. let me go, i want to be in the middle of this adventure. where did all this gall come from? >> i'm actually a pretty timid and shy person. >> oh, yeah, right. [laughter] >> coming from flanders where my mother always said speaking is silver, silence is golden, son. anyway, i think i'm a bit different. no, first of all, i had an incredible urge for discovery from when i was a child, and when i was a teenager, i worked for a travel agency and went one month to morocco, one month to turkey at a time when there was basically no touristic infrastructure. and when i was 10, i had one goal in life, and it was get out of here, get out of my village which was kind of a very conservative flemish village. but it was a combination of this sense for adventure but also the incredible curiosity for things which was to the despair of my mother and my whole family because when i was like in this, i always asked why which drove everybody nuts, you know
Sep 28, 2012 4:00am PDT
africa this instrumentality existed. >> (speaking spanish). >> and the percussionist will play with their hands and their feet. >> (speaking spanish). >> with the african slave trade he used to be in the ports. this type of boxes. >> (speaking spanish). >> so they were sit over these big boxes and play over them. >> (speaking spanish). >> but for the blacks these type of instruments were not allowed to be played because they were too loud and for the church they will provoke movement that was not appropriate. >> (speaking spanish). >> they could also work as a form of communication with the drumming patterns. >> (speaking spanish). >> this was what was going on in africa. >> (speaking spanish). >> and from some of the sounds they used to play that we almost lost all of them we still have some that he remembers. >> (speaking spanish). >> for instance -- >> (speaking spanish). >> this means "attention be alert. something is going to happen". >> (speaking spanish). >> wake up. wake up. >> wake up, wake up. (speaking spanish). >> and this are some of the drumming patterns that have been
Sep 15, 2012 5:00am PDT
guatemala toxic legacy -- how south africa's coal mines contaminate the country's ground water and the nail collector -- one man's mission to make roads safer in jakarta there's still no easy answer on how we should cope with the sheer endless mountains of rubbish modern society produces. let's pick out one example -- just to keep our cars running, we globally throw away some 1.3 billion tires every year. it seems impossible to get rid of them -- unless we start using them as a resource. that's the idea being promoted by a small ngo which is using waste material -- including tires -- in an unusual recycling project. in the small town of san juan comalapa n guatemala volunteers are making buildings with materials most of us would leave exactly where they come from -- the rubbish dump. >> they're in the right place here. the hillside is covered with old tires. all this non-biodegradable waste has been left by the side of the road on illegal rubbish dumps. they collect all the old tires they can find -- either at the tire dealers or here. >> we are collecting tires to build a school. we a
Sep 3, 2012 11:35pm PDT
discovered on a visit to africa and as you'll discover in this encore presentation. >> a storm is building over the plains of botswana. beneath it, a single mother fret is. her name is marval. it's been weeks since an invading pride mortally wounded her mate. and now they will end her cubs. she now has the most primal of decisions, fight or flight. a decision complicated by the croc-infested water that surrounds them. cubs too young to travel fast. and this family's being stalked by the big invading males and that same rival lioness from the fateful night battle, the fight that gave her the signature wound and the name silver. the last lions include some of the most incredible wildlife footage ever filmed. equally fascinating as love story the audience never sees. the one behind the camera. they are derek and beverly gilbert, filmmakers, big cat protecters and partners in every conceivable way. almost every day for 30 years, these high school sweethearts have been alone together in the wild. >> the longest we went without seeing anybody at all was 270 days, i think. then we needed
Sep 2, 2012 1:00pm EDT
-- africa. the imf says that six of the ten fastest growing economies in 2012 are in africa. over the past decade, according to the african development bank, the number of middle-class consumers in africa, those who spend between $2 and $20 a day, has expanded 60% to 313 million. that's about the same size as the middle classes in china and india. health is improving as well. according to the world bank, one key indicator, the death rate of children under 5, is dropping dramatically. over 5% a year in ten sub-saharan countries and over 8% in kenya, rwanda, and senegal. there are even bright spots in the reduction of graph and corruption. ghana, south africa, namibia, rwanda, and botswana each has less corruption, gets this, than italy and greece according to transparency international. governance is improving in many countries. terrorism by islamic extremists remains, but there is progress here as well. having largely driven the al qaeda-linked al shabab from mogadishu, the capital, the city is experiencing the longest period of relative peace since 1991. jeff gettleman, "the new york
Sep 5, 2012 8:00pm EDT
in africa and other parts of the world gathering resources to feed the great dragon if you want to call it that. and how the chinese people in these foreign countries are absorbing information, education, whether they want to stay within the countries they have visited or if they pledge to dedicate it to return. so talk about the tibetan buddhists, stuff like in the scheme of this development of china. 30, 40 years southborough speared >> my major was theology and sociology, so i'm happy to make comments. although now is revolutionary in theory, he blocked the ability. he led people in the countryside had to stay in a commune. they could move to the city. and people who worked in a certain unit in the city were bonded to that unit and they couldn't move easily to other units on the housing assailed by the states. so why deng did by opening up migration, allowing people to move from the countryside to the city as they had enough food to feed the city population, completely transformed a society that had been really rigid and locked in to one that was mobile. the old family system an
Sep 23, 2012 5:00am PDT
. >>> were going to take a minute before we go to our first break a new club in south africa and new or appear in the bay area in different parts of the world in different ends of the quieter and as research of start before we go to the brink what was growing up in south africa like a jewish committee coming to the high holy days >>> they had a vibrant jewish committee her little smaller than when i was growing up and had excellent jewish day schools and excellent synagogues in the sense of a wide number of them and that on the have wonderful memories of this year's growing up in south africa. i lived in a neighborhood with some new friends there and so many children and i knew all the parents and all of the very best of memories and pleased to be able to say the committee itself as for a stroll on to issues zionism a mother was born here my father enough yet and they brought to the country a strong feeling for jewish education and also a strong feeling for zionism that permeated the out the community so when it came to a celebration of israel's but they the entire community turned up i
FOX News
Sep 16, 2012 3:47pm EDT
-- >> jon: he is referring to president obama's half-brother that is living in squalor in africa. >> it's very interesting how the media has tried to ignore this. because such enormous success at box office they haven't been able to ignore it for long. the box office receipts are pretty good. hollywood is absolutely, i think they have no idea what to make of this film but it's interesting when you have a political documentary saying something or michael moore, "nightline" did some stories and some of the other movies they called him an american populist in the grand tradition. when they were covering 2016 they denigrated it, they disregarded it and they mocked it. >> jon: they loved michael moore gets invited on the tonight show. >> wins academy awards. [ laughter ] >>> what he is tapping in to the media have let obama emerge to becoming president, for decades 6 his life are virtual unknowns. all his pot smoking group in high school none of them are being interviewed. any reporter or digger or documentary, they do take the trouble to do the work, automatically gets attention. the
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm EDT
north africa and the middle east at the president's feet. >> only by the confident exercise of american influence are eel and violence overcome -- evil and violence overcome. that's how we keep problems abroad from becoming crisis. that is what keeps the peace. that is what we will have in a romney-ryan administration. >> romney is escalating the economic attack. he opposes the fed's new qe3 stimulus attempt to jump-start growth a third time by what romney says amounts to a short-term sugar high by printing more money. more proof of how bad the obama economy has gotten. >> there will not be a second term. we can't afford him for a second term. >> linking foreign policy to domestic job losses, romney accused the president of being soft on china unfair trade and labor practices and costing ohio hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> this cannot go on. i'll call china a currency manipulator and stop them in their tracks from killing american jobs. >> senior romney foreign policy and political aides say he is not backing away from, nor toning down his criticism of president obama's fore
Sep 28, 2012 12:00am EDT
worldwide distribution system, its trucks, to provide better access to medicines in africa, coke also announce add partnership with venture dean kamen, developed a water pure physician system that coke will use to address the global water crisis. joining me is muhtar kent of coca-cola, gabriel jaramillo director of the global fund and dean kamen, founder and president of deka research and development corporation, i am pleased to have them here, full disclosure, coca-cola has been a supporter of this program for many years and i begin with muhtar kent. >> tell me how you view this sort of, in terms of what coca-cola does or what you see beyond coca-cola as the possibilities of private public collaboration. >> or private ngo collaboration. >> yes. charlie, first, i am really pleased to be with both gabriel and dean here today, two great leaders in their own right and very proud to partner with them on solving societal, buying societal issues around the world. and i think, first, one general comment, buying, large societal challenges, opportunities in the world today can, in my opinion o
Sep 10, 2012 12:00am EDT
around the world in latin america in africa, and with president bush and blair, and i was really against the war, with every fiber of my being, and wondering, how do we stop this? but it became obvious it was unstoppable, but i was relieved that the council did not give approval for the war. it would have been a disaster. for the united nations. i know at the time americans were upset that the u.n. and the council had not supported the war, but i think today many americans understand why, and perhaps appreciate that the council the u.n. took the right decision. >> host: what was the tone of your conversations with president bush at the end there? >> guest: it was of the -- he was determined to act. he was determined to take action. he was determined to ensure that saddam hussein does not give the u.n. and international community run-around anymore. so he was absolutely determined, and also convinced that he was taking the right decision. >> host: was it -- angry? >> guest: no, he was firm. a bit of impatience. but i wouldn't say he was angry in the conversations with me. >> host: let's t
Sep 26, 2012 10:00am EDT
primarily associated with africa. it gives me great pleasure to lead my address to the 67 regular session of the united nations general assembly with the news of progress from ghana and stories of the success from the sub-saharan african continent. the number of countries engaged in conflict is steadily decreasing year after year. as that happens, we are also witnessing a steady increase in the number of countries that are governed along democratic lines. as is true of all new democracies, these systems are not without their flaws. while they may not be perfect, they are promising. in fact, three of the african countries that lost their leaders this year experienced seamless and peaceful constitutional transitions of power to a new leadership. you see today right now that there is something spectacular happening in africa. growth is taking the place of stagnation. tranquillity is taking the place of turmoil. democratic governments founded on the rule of law is taking the place of dictatorships. denying the th visibility and viability of these developments. at the very least, they require
Sep 23, 2012 11:00am EDT
about bosnia and africa and more of the book "interventions" in just a moment to the kofi annan. regard to take a quick break. >> guest: thank you. >> on the go? "after words" is available via pot test. visit and click pot test. select which what you would like to download and listen to "after words" when you travel. >> host: before the break we were talking about rwanda and somalia and weather in cases where there is not a national security interest of a major power, crisis. of course a year-and-a-half after rwanda we had the massacre . a little different because it was in the heart of europe and there was more of a security interest in the european powers involved. >> you're absolutely right. bastille was deferred. bosnia had the attention. bosnia had forces required that rwanda did not have. the issues between the member states, the europeans had deployed troops to the un peacekeeping and subsequently nato. leaving. rather cynical, and they kept the u.n. peacekeepers hostage. this really unnerved the governments. saw another aspect of peacekeeping. we did not prepare the p
Aug 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
down the middle of the atlantic between the bald of brazil and west africa and he declares that it everything to the west of that line is part of the western hemisphere, an extension of the hemisphere that would probably shock president james madison who came up with the monroe doctrine and indeed under fdr's interpretation of iceland and greenland letcher 2,000 miles from the american coast are now part of the western hemisphere as much as boston or rio de janeiro, and he then determines that to have to be defended and again he goes before the press and he says if a rattlesnake is poised to strike you don't wait until a strikes, you crash it before hand. what he means is that america to become american warships will go after german vessels who are in the waters that he's not declared it part of the western hemisphere. this becomes known as the shoot on sight policy and what he's done, she has declared and undeclared war match against germany and the high seas of the atlantic. by the time pearl harbor occurs in december of 1941 roosevelt has seized the levers of control of the amer
Sep 2, 2012 3:00pm EDT
africa. somehow was able to weave together a workable meaning for his life as an african-american, broaan american, and somebody who is part of the broader human family.t have that was not an easy task. easy task not because i didn't have some ofid enormous love for my family. because i did. it wasn't because i didn't havet people helping me every step of the way. i did have that hell. but it was because i found born id a that myself divided. divided along lines of race, divided along lines of class, divided along lines of religion. and so we have this enormous tragic history that all of us confront, from whatever our backgrounds are, whether we're white, black, hispanic, asian, muslim, jew, or christian. the notion that in fact in the words of a great writer who happened to win a nobel prize, william faulkner, he said the past is never dead and buried. it isn't even past. and i think that all of us are confronting constantly our history. we're confronting the history of slavery in this country. we are confronting the history and problems that arose as a consequence of colonialism
Sep 23, 2012 6:30pm EDT
africa, thousands of miles, relatively few good harbors which hindered africa's development, but the east coast was packed with them, and the united states, the continental core of the u.s. was the last resource rich part of the zone that was settled and waterways flowing in a convenient east-west fashion than the rest of the world's waterways combined. so i'm saying that americans -- we're important not only because of their ideas and their democracy but because of where we happen to live as well, and so that's why these things, like mountains matter. the himalayas matter. they have allowed india and china to develop into who completely disstink great world civilizations without having much to do with each other, through long periods of history. >> so let's take that image that you offered of america, this amazingly suitable geographical place with all these great natural harbors and rivers that run the right way, but that was true for thousands of years, and did not lead to the development in what we think of as the united states, to great civilization, outreaching. it wasn't u
Sep 28, 2012 9:00am PDT
. >>> kenya is leading the way in africa when it comes to being internet-savvy. just how connected are they? cnn's erol burnett came up with an experiment in the kenyan capital of nairobi. take a look. >> reporter: back in the year 2000 kenya had a mere 200,000 internet users in the country. by the close of 2011, though, that number had jumped to 10.5 million web users. as a result, kenya is now cited as one of the most plugged in countries on the african continent. here's the key question. how can you really tell how connected a place really is? what's the visual evidence that shows how active people are on-line? well, to find out i decided to conduct a bit of an experiment. last night i sent out a tweet simply saying inside africa would be a certain cafe at a certain time and if you wanted to appear on the show, just tell me the password. i have just arrived at mail in nib rowy where the password is connected. will anybody show up, and will anybody continue? let's find out. ♪ >> all right. let's sea< >> hey. >> hey. >> how are you? >> fine. >> whas yourame? my name is james. >> n
Sep 13, 2012 6:30pm EDT
cientÍficos descubrieron en africa. lanzan la Última versiÓn del libro de rÉcord guiness que se publica en 22 idiomas. veremos quÉ hay allÁ a dentro. ♪ 3 >>> estados unidos rindiÓ su homenaje final a neil armstrong en la catedral nacional de washington dc. el servicio real joe asistieron otros astronautas y familiares. sus restos serÁn arrojadas al mar maÑana. armstrong con su carrera como piloto. >>> aparentemente no hay tantos soÑÓs dorso el nÚmero de estudiantes indocumentados que ha solicitado un permiso de trabajo en el programa conocido como acciÓn diferida. >>> estos hermanos reÚnen todos los requisitos para solicitar la acciÓn diferida. sus padres los trajeron antes de cumplir los 16 aÑos. pero un abogado los estafÓ los 3 cuando llevaron sus casos para presentarnos a las autoridades td inmigraciÓn. la solicitud de inmigraciÓn. y que ya recibieron hace un tiempo. >>> cada uno de ellos pagÓ 1.500 dÓlares pago tanto dinero para nada. >>> en el caso de stogs jochbls esta organizaciÓn los ayudara. para que presenten una denuncia en estado de new york. y sometiendo su ca
Sep 21, 2012 4:30am PDT
. >> (speaking spanish). >> most of the instruments that werwere performed by the africas in p purrue and the different groups and they spoke different languages so it was very hard for them to communicate. >> (speaking spanish). >> so the communication will be done by sign. >> (speaking spanish). >> they didn't talk but they could communicate each other. >> (speaking spanish). >> and the form of communication and many of the movements were -- they were used in the dances that we have today. >> (speaking spanish). >> this movement -- >> span spanish. >> are >> >> (speaking spanish). >> are here and it means soul. >> (speaking spanish). >> and when we go to move our bodies -- >> (speaking spanish). >> they mean the essence. >> (speaking spanish). >> when they go to work the earth -- >> (speaking spanish). >> is the contact with our mother nature. >>nature -- >> (speaking spanish). >> that will live us food, take care of us and receive us before we die. >> (speaking spanish). >> we also have this and movement of work. >> (speaking spanish). >> or conversation. >> (speaking spanish). >> whic
Sep 26, 2012 9:00pm CDT
africa in 1998 rodriguez has built a loyal fans here here's his story of fame, a delayed but not denied. i am still cognizant and conscious. lincoln heights chicago september 20th as a sellout crowd 47 year-old musician discovered 43 years ago but he was too shy to face the audience he still wants to bring focus on the music rather than the fans. i usually have my eyes closed or i am sitting near other musicians in the band. rodriguez's first album colfax all song's original that he had himself, the billboard gave him a rare rave review predicting great success, his lyrics poetic intelligent and stifle creative reflective of the political times of his youth taking issue with power structures and encouraging defense warning the establishment's their days were numbers. the record lumber told rodriguez his album into the follow-up recorded in london went nowhere in the u.s.. >> i have no idea how your music came to south africa but i am extremely thankful and appreciative of that. >> somehow cold fact made its way to a apartheid south africa social restrictions on movies music and m
Sep 19, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, china, malaysia, the philippines, singapore as well as all over from europe. perhaps from africa and south america. we can learn from that just as we have done with concepts like sunday streets where people take back the streets and start having fun in our urban communities and bringing out the children to enjoy the environment. this is our future generations so we have to have the best ideas. how to keep our environment and our strong. i want to tell you that there are a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for keeping our city grain trade we have at least three different projects that we have been focused on for a number of years. i have had the privilege with working with mohammed and our city engineers to accomplish this. most importantly with our community leaders and volunteers throughout every part of our neighborhoods. i hope that you do you is your time and take advantage of our wonderful weather to go out and do as many doors as possible of all the -- tours as possible of all the community gardens. we have a committee challenge program, one that i am proud to have headed up
Sep 18, 2012 2:30pm PDT
mine in south africa. >> leaders are also expected to discuss the further strengthening of better ties. european union is the largest trading partner for south africa and 90% of their trade was liberalized agreed to agree that with bmw. >> shiny new bmws have become a popular status symbol for the burgeoning black middle class. the doorman long in this show room. they sell some 60 brand-new models a month. -- they don't remain long in this show room. >> aspiring people, people doing well in their business or well on the corporate ladder and people who are up and coming, black people have done well for themselves and becoming better people. >> >> the powerful status symbols are manufactured right here in south africa. this young man is working in frame and body construction. he has been on a full-time contract for one year and makes 800 euros a month. he used to do the job as a low- paid temporary worker. >> the only difference is now i know i'm on a contract. i can be able to satisfy my needs in order to buy my needs. that's the only difference. >> bmw is planning to hire a furthe
Sep 6, 2012 4:00pm PDT
opportunities are an important part of his enduring popularity. >> in south africa, the remaining 160 workers from the platinum mine have been freed after a controversial murder charges were dropped. but the pay dispute at the mine continues because the breakaway union has refused to sign a deal with the owners. our correspondent is at the mine. >> relief that more protesters walked free today from core. as murder charges were withdrawn against them. just hours after a mass march, a break through overnight. management in all but one of the trade unions have signed a police -- a peace accord, paving the way for wage talks in the next few days, but those talks will only begin when mine workers return to their jobs. >> it is important for people to return to work. that frees us up to the gauge in this negotiation and to find ways that we are -- to ensure that we are finding ways to negotiate a resolution. >> the document spells out the must report back to work monday, but it does not talk about demands as workers. >> meanwhile, bleak scenes at the mine today. the grim weather conditions
Sep 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. celebrations in south africa, the miners accused of murdering the colleagues released from jail following a dramatic u- turn. nearly impossible as how the n n u.n. envoy t t syriaa despite hs job in a frank discussion of the bbc. flames continued to burn in california and will introduce you to the four-legged firefighters helping to supply the front lines. welcome to our viewers on pbs and america and around the globe. there has been more violence in south africa as tear-gas was fired outside a gold mine near johannesburg. it comes just weeks after police shot dead 34 striking miners. at the first -- the worst violence since the end of apartheid. they are detained and charged with murder. public pressure forced prosecutors into a u-turn in the first group of miners were released. >> inching their way to freedom, dozens of protesters arrived in the clothes they were arrested in a fortnight ago. there are charged with the murder of their colleagues but prosecutors dropped the charges, setting them free. as families away, it is clear it could be just a temporary reprieve. the judic
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,618 (some duplicates have been removed)